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  Their studies show that women who take an aggressive approach are often less likely to get ahead than those who exhibit more feminine traits. If however, they try to conform, promotion comes their way.

  The findings, which will dismay feminists, suggest the best way for a woman to succeed in a man’s world is to act like a lady. They tally with past research that showed women oozing with self-confidence, assertiveness and other characteristics linked with successful management can be side-lined at work in favour of meeker types. It is thought that while such traits are highly-prized in men, go-getting women are penalised for not being feminine enough and are seen as less likeable.


  The study asked 80 young men and women about their personality while they studied for a master’s degree in business administration. Eight years later, the researchers got back in touch to find out how their careers were progressing and found that ‘macho’ women who took an aggressive approach had been promoted less than more feminine sorts. The bossy women who made a conscious effort not to appear too threatening by ‘self-monitoring’ their behaviour had done better than those who had carried on regardless.


  Some had been promoted five times, others just once or twice, a journal published by the British Psychological Society reports. Self-awareness – or the lack of it – did not affect the fledgling careers of men, the research from George Mason University in Virginia found. A previous U.S. study found that pushy women job applicants were the least likely candidates to be employed. Dr Olivia O’Neill, who carried out the latest piece of research, advises assertive women to pick and choose when to be forceful. She said: ‘If they are seen to behave in a stereotypically male way, they may damage their chances of promotion, even if these traits are synonymous with successful managers.’

  据调查,这些讨人喜欢的女老板在8年内,获得5次晋升机会,而其他人则是1次到2次机会。这项研究调查已经发表在《英国心理社会》期刊上。通常情况,许多用人单位强调“自我意识”,但是这种自我意识并不能充分体现在晋升机会的分配上。此外,一项很久以前的调查发现,咄咄逼人、或者说是“特别厉害”的女求职者往往得不到用人单位的喜欢,得到聘用的几率几乎为0!专家Dr Olivia O’Neill说:“我建议有强烈事业心的女性朋友们,稍微学会选择时机还表现自己的能力,不要时时刻刻表现出特别干练、厉害的样子。如果她们表现得太过于男性化,那么老板们会感到自己受到威胁,不会选择雇佣你的。”

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