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  2012-09-26 09:29:20  温哥华港湾  [0条评论,查看/发表评论]

  第四届中国文化节,第二届列治文中秋灯节以及加拿大全国文化日(Culture Days)活动的安排:

  Events and Activities for the 4th Chinese Culture Festival 2012,the 2nd Annual Richmond Lantern Festival  & Culture Days Weekend Program

  1. 新闻发布会

  Press Conference

  时间(Date):2012年9月24日(Sept. 28 , 2012)

  地点(Venue):列治文       酒店

  内容(Activities):  邀请本地有关媒体,正式宣布第四届中国文化节和第二届列治文灯节有关主要内容。

  We are going to send the 'Media Advisory ' to all the local media in press conference. All the information related to the festival like where, when, and why we will be organizing the event will be introduced to the media and all the question will be answered at this time.

  2. 第四届中国文化节暨第二届列治文灯节开幕剪彩仪式

  Opening Ceremony of the 4th Vancouver Chinese Cultural Festival & the 2nd Annual Richmond Lantern Festival

  时间(Date):2012年9月28日(Sept. 28 , 2012 . 5:00 pm )

  地点(Venue):列治文明纳公园(Minoru Park, Richmond)

  内容(Activities): 邀请加拿大三级政府代表, 中国驻温哥华总领事馆领导,加拿大全国文化日组委会代表,主办方代表以及社区名流参加开幕剪彩仪式。温哥华OMNI电视台将于现场直播开幕剪彩仪式以及开幕晚会盛况。

  3. The 2nd Annual Richmond Lantern Festival

  时间(Date):2012年9月28日(Sept. 28 , 2012)

  地点(Venue):列治文明纳公园(Minoru Park, Richmond)

  内容(Activities): 展出600盏以上彩灯以及大型龙灯并为观众有奖猜灯谜等活动。

  The festival which is free to public will  present more than different Chinese 600 beautiful lanterns . Everyone attending the event could try his/her best to solve the puzzles (riddle)on the lanterns with the small gift at night of the Lantern Festival.

  4.  Mid-Autumn Family Carnival (中秋嘉年华)

  时间(Date):2012年9月28日-30 日(Sept. 28 - 30, 2012)

  地点(Venue):列治文明纳公园(Minoru Park, Richmond)

  内容(Activities):在灯节现场,搭建大型展览帐篷,招商展出相关文化用品(书市,工艺品, 风筝等),中式美食(包括月饼等),灯笼等手工制作,儿童游乐区以及舞台表演。

  The Mid- Autumn Family Carnival with the Lantern Festival will be a unique two and half-day  event which features pavilion displays , sponsor exhibits, kids zone, an Asian food experience ( including Chinese moon cake ) and nonstop variety stage entertainment. Simultaneously, there will be a series of art exhibits and shows to maximize the audience draw and create a tremendous festival spirit of celebration.

  5.  Chinese Culture Quiz Show (中华文化知识竞赛)

  时间(Date):2012年9月21 日(from beginning of Sept.  to Sept. 30, 2012)

  地点(Venue):不同场地地点 ( in some different places )


  The Quiz Show will be excellent competition Individually in different groups on Chinese culture .

  6.  Moon Represents My Heart - Moon Festival Gala  (月亮代表我的心 -中秋晚会)

  时间(Date):2012年9月29日晚8时整(星期六)(Sept. 29, 2012. 8 :00pm)

  地点(Venue):The Gate Way Theatre of Richmond


  Inviting a famous  singer,  Miss Deng from China to have her special attractive performance.

  7.  The Special Show to Donate for China Yunnan (为中国云南地震赈灾筹款晚会)

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